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When we took over the ownership of the Greenhouse Café, we knew we had big shoes to fill. It had deep history and one we thought we would continue. However, within the first few weeks of opening we ran into some structural issues and closed the doors to address the situation. We opened back up for a couple short weeks, and as we all know the pandemic hit. We rode the wave of uncertainty and the everchanging rules and regulations like so many others, all while trying to find our footing and deliver what the Greenhouse Café represented. But it never felt quite right, we knew something was missing.

Over the past summer season we came to realize what that something was. It was Us.

One thing that we have become known for is our transparency. If we don’t have staff to open, we let you know. If we messed up, we admit it. And this case, is no exception to that. We have figured out that trying to be something we are not, is not going to bring us what we want or what you deserve. We have decided that in order to give our customers our absolute best we must give you a part of ourselves, our history, and love for creating food.

We bought the Greenhouse Café with the idea that our family would grow the business together, it would be a legacy for our family. One where we would be working together and sharing ourselves with the community. But that can’t happen unless we are, ourselves.

After almost two years of many setbacks and long discussions we have decided to make a change. In the next few weeks we will close the Greenhouse Café chapter of our story and start a new one that we hope gives our community and ourselves something that we feel has been missing. We will be bringing our own taste, our own style, and local history.

We are very excited to announce that we will be opening Rare Company- Seafood and Steakhouse in the spring at our current location. We have been lucky enough to have found a wonderful and talented team who not only encouraged us, but inspired us to finally take a leap and follow our own path. We are very thankful they saw our vision and have the talent to put it on the plate. We could not imagine taking the next step in our journey without them. Our culinary team has collaborated to create a menu that is exceptional.


We at Rare Company look forward to seeing you hopefully in March. And we hope you, our family - welcome the changes.

We will be selling Rare Company Gift Certificates. In an effort to share our excitement, for every Gift Certificate you purchase you will be entered to win A Reservation for 2 at our Grand Opening Night, which includes a Tasting Menu of our new offerings.

Gift Certificates willl be available to purchase by calling 609-879-1828 or by emailing us at contactrareco@gmail.com.

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